Tales from The Deep, Cover

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Tales from the Deep, Front Cover Pen and ink, Watercolour, Digital Colouring (2014)

This is the cover from a 100 page comics anthology that I created with The Drawn Chorus Collective. I wrote and drew the framing narrative around which the anthology hung and also wrote each of the stories within the collection.

This is what people have said about it,

'This...gave me a sense of the wonder that I remember on first reading fairy-tales with artwork that consistently achieves...other worldliness, drawing you into a strange dream...(the way) only the beest combination of story and art can do.'
John Higgins- comic book artist and colourist for Watchmen

'A mysterious storyteller enters a seaside tavern and begins telling tales of the sea...so begins a spellbinding swirl of lost loves, submerged urges and drowned memories in this brilliant new anthology from some of the most promising new comics talent around.'
Stephen Collins- Guardian Cartoonist