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Merla and the Accidental Giant

Merla lives in Castle Camelot with her Father, Merlin, her Mother, Merlinda and their pet dragon, Difo.

Merlin and Merlinda are so busy with their work for the King that they have no time to spend with Merla. One day, she sneaks into their lair to prove that she could be a witch too.
King Arthur arrives, demanding that someone remove the helmet stuck on his head. Merla tries her best and manages to turn the King into a giant. He takes the tower with him and stomps around the castle causing chaos. King Arthur’s loyal subjects see if a terrifying monster, and chase him from the castle.
Out in the wilderness, the King cries a river of tears, which flow down into Camelot town, where Merlin and Merlinda notice it. They follow the river back to the source and are surprised to see their daughter comforting a gigantic King Arthur. The tears have turned the ground muddy and they are soon stuck. Merlin throws a shrinking potion up to Merla, and she administers it to the King.
He shrinks back to normal and is angry at Merla for turning him into a giant, he storms back to the castle, Where he is greeted by a parade of his loyal subjects, who are all convinced that he defeated the monstrous giant in battle. (A heroic impression that he does little to disabuse them of.)
Merlin and Merlinda agree to let Merla help with their day-to-day witchcraft and wizardry and she helps them to re-build their tower.


A full dummy book is available upon request.